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When I was a kid I loved playing with plastic bugs, rats, dinosaurs, and everything in between. I still have my sense of childhood imagination but turning nostalgic toys into earrings is where my adult attention span is at. I use an electric hand drill to attach hypoallergenic earring hooks to the toys. All my design choices are spontaneous, I try to go to independently owned dollar stores because they still evoke the feelings of 90s-early 2000s dollar stores. Whatever toy I am drawn to aesthetically or nostalgically is what gets turned into earrings. (Not all of the toys are sourced from dollar stores though, I consider quality in my selections as well. Therefore, I will go elsewhere to ensure the integrity of my ideas.) Below are some of my favorite pieces, and most are availiable in my store. (Etsy)


The jewelry I make gives me a strong feeling of childhood nostalgia, and I hope these feelings register with the wearer as well. Outside of childhood nostalgia I love 70s floral patterns and big chunky daisies with vibrant colors. Like I said, I am drawn to the toys due being a little kid at heart but I add an "adult" touch by clashing them with my favorite flower designs. I like to compliment the details on the toys with corresponding flower colors. My original intention was to make flower and insect earrings seperately, but then I realized how "on brand" it'd be to combine my two aesthetics. I am humbled and happy to see people feel similarly when they purchase a pair. Requests are open, I'm always picking up new toys when they catch my eye. I can make any flower you could think of as well. Heres to whismy and fun.  

© 2021 Lacey a Lewis
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